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Detail of floral pattern

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Luxurious Royal Baby

Thousand Flower Overshot Blanket

Price: $1,250.00

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Product Specs

  • 42'x60 inches
  • 18micron 18cv Royal Baby Grade 1- (Yokum Mcoll Lab) Natural White Warp
  • 18 micron Baby Grade 1 hand dyed, hand spun weft
  • 1000 Flower Pattern Scandinavian Overshot Weave Structure

Product Description

New Mexico Wildflower colors glowing on a Thousand Flowers Scandinavian Overshot Blanket warm your heart on a grey rainy day. Woven from the first shearing of Tequila Sunrise Topaz Sky and Love So True, this elite 18micron 18cv fiber is as soft as a whisper, warm as toast. Long Fringe is tied in elegant diagonal knotting. Warp spun at Fantasy Fibers, Weft hand dyed fiber handspun.