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Welcome to our on-line farm store.

Most of our products get their beginnings here at our small farm in the Coburg Hills overlooking the Willalmette Valley in Oregon whhere we raise a small herd (23 to date) of alpaca, selected and bred to produce fine uniform fiber to card, weave, knit, crochet and felt. Our fiber must be fine and uniform enough to be comfortable to wear close to the skin, strong enough to withstand the extreme tension of a rug loom, bright and beautiful to catch the eye, and we have selected animals that give us that elite fiber year after year.

Our alpaca are shorn once a year on our farm by a sorter-trained professional shearer, who treats our animals humanely and shears to minimize contamination from color to color, grade to grade. It is then sorted according to fiber grade, samples are sent to 2 labs for scientific fiber analyses, and finally processed according to best use.

Currently our alpacas are producing grade 1a Royal Baby (under 17 micron, less than 20 cv), 1b (under 20 micron, less than 20cv), grade 2, 20-23 micron, under 20 cv; and grade 3 23-26 micron, under 20cv, so it feels like grade 2.

Every grade is so strong it can and has been used as warp for weaving. Our animals range in age from 5 months to 14 years of age, from white to beige, fawn, brown, black, and grey; male, female, and rainbow and we love them all.

Because of their low micron, low cv, our alpaca medulation is quite low, so our fiber dyes deeply and consistently. the shine shows through the dye, and still feels soft and comfortable.

When you buy a product made from Alpaca at Querencia you may be sure it is excellent quality.

We sell products made with pride in the USA from small mills and other small alpaca producers as well as our own. We import quality designer products from Peru, the original home of all alpaca, so no matter what alpaca product you have in mind, if we don't have it, we can make it or find it for you.

Shipping included to continental United States. 14 Day Return Policy. Item must be unworn and undamaged, all labels and tags intact and undamaged with packing list included. Shipping Fees nonrefundable.